We've set up a new website, www.edtracker.co.uk, which will now become the main website for EDTracker Pro and the online shop.

This website (.org.uk) will, from this point forwards, focus purely on the open-source DIY aspects of EDTracker. This allows us to simplify both sites and target each product separately; it avoids confusion for those who just want to buy a ready-made product, versus those who want to build it themselves. So, to be absolutely clear, here's the deal...



(this site)

  • Instructions on building your own
  • Links to source code
  • FAQ related to DIY model
  • DIY user guides and manuals
  • DIY software downloads
  • DIY related articles




  • The online shop
  • FAQ related to PRO model
  • Pro user guide/manual
  • Pro software downloads
  • Pro related articles


Latest News

New test firmware v4.1.0

Updated firmware that may help with 9250 startup issues...

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Enclosure drill template

Get your button hole in the right place!

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DIY News

We're still here and DIY is going strong!

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3D Enclosure for EDTracker v3 PCB

EDTracker user, Jay Davey, has kindly shared his enclosure design for PCB v3 users...

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Revision 3 PCB released

We've made an update to the DIY EDTracker PCB...

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