Flash it

There are a few options for flashing your DIY EDTracker. Your choice will largely depend on whether you are compiling from the original source code, or whether you are happy to just use our free GUI utility to do the flashing process for you.

Flashing with EDTracker GUI

This is the easiest option and suits 99% of people. If you've built the device with the standard parts we suggest, and haven't done anything weird and wonderful like switching to a different microprocessor or wired it up differently, then this process is the best way to go. Our GUI tool allows you to choose from a set of pre-compiled firmwares and flash your device - it's all auto-magic. It downloads the firmware from our server and flashes it in for you. No need for any coding skills or compiling. As a meerkat would say - simples.


Flashing with Arduino IDE

If full control is important to you, or you just want to "have a fiddle", then you can download the source code for your DIY EDTracker and compile it within the Arduino IDE. You can then flash the device using the Arduino software. There's more setup to do in terms of download the Arduino IDE and source code, but it's a learning experience for those who want get into the whole open-source, embedded programming side of things.


Flashing from the Windows command line

This facility is largely redundant now; it was the precursor to the GUI. It's left here for completeness but there should really be little need for it over the above two options.