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FAQs - Shop

Questions regarding the online shop and purchasing any products from us

No, we don't. We sell a custom PCB that can make the build easier and neater. If you're after a kit, we can highly recommend Hobby Components.

We do offer to make up fully built devices for people who can't make their own. This is a voluntary service and should not be considered some commercial offering - the work is spread between the 3 of us as best we can manage around our own personal time! Generally, it takes between 2 to 3 weeks to fulfil 'orders'.

We also sell just the custom PCB by itself so that you can source your own parts and solder it together yourself simple and easily. This is the quickest way to EDTracker ownership!

We do not sell kits of parts.

All the items can be ordered through the shop system.

Preferred method is PayPal. With special arrangement, and subject to your bank or regional limitations, we can sort out bank transfer (choose the Manual Payment method if you prefer this). Eventually we will get credit card payments enabled, but this isn't currently a priority.

EDTracker PCBs are warranted against any production defects but due to the nature of the self-assembly, customers should be aware that we don't cover any damage to the PCBs as a result of customer error when constructing. If you make a hash job of soldering something up and wreck the board, that's your own fault!

EDTracker Pro devices are fully assembled by us and tested prior to shipping, and are covered by a 12 month warranty from date of purchase. Any modification to the device made by the customer will void this warranty.

Before EDTracker Pro, we used to provide a voluntary service where we would solder up DIY EDTrackers for people who did not have the facility to do this themselves. This service was provided on an as-is basis with no warranty expressed or implied. While we will always do out best to resolve issues with the devices, we can not provide a formal warranty for them.