You can use EDTracker with the open-sourceĀ Opentrack software, which itself can emulate FSX, TrackIR and FreeTrack protocols (amongst others). This opens up the 3DOF tracking to a plethora of games - anything that supports one of the protocols that Opentrack provides. To set up EDTracker with Opentrack, follow these steps...

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DIY News

We're still here and DIY is going strong!

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New website live!

We've set up a new website,, which will now become the main website for EDTracker Pro and the online shop.

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Using the MPU-9250

For anyone looking to use an MPU-9250 breakout board...

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Windows 10

Concerned about EDTracker and Windows 10? Don't be...

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3D Printable enclosure

Big up to EDTracker user, Andy Edgson, who has contributed his design for a 3D-printed enclosure for your DIY EDTracker!

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Bartybee's build guide

Big up to ETracker user, Bartybee, for this handy guide for those building an EDTracker from the Hobby Components kit bundle...

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MPU-9150 Mag support

The change many of you have been waiting for... experimental mag support is here!

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MPU-6050 or MPU-9150?

We are getting more and more people asking about whether they should fit an MPU-6050 (accelerometer/gyroscope) or an MPU-9150 (accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer) sensor board onto their EDTracker. In order to help you make a decision, we thought we'd capture some facts to help you make up your mind...

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If you fancy putting your EDTracker into some sort of box, there are lots of ideas out there that work.

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