MPU-9150 Mag support

Created: 22 October 2014

The change many of you have been waiting for... experimental mag support is here!

NOTE: This release will only be of use to those with EDTracker devices fitted with an MPU-9150 sensor; MPU-6050 devices can not make use of this firmware. Unless you specifically fitted or asked for a MPU-9150, chances are you have the MPU-6050 sensor. We've made an article explaining the difference!

Our Barry says...

If you download the latest v3.0.4 of the EDTracker GUI you can now flash in an experimental firmware that makes use of the magnetometer within the MPU-9150 to eliminate yaw drift over extended periods of time. The User Guide has been updated with a section to detail how to flash and calibrate the new firmware; please read it carefully.

Please note this is an early cut but initial response is very promising so we would value your feedback.

The MPU-6050 is not in any way discontinued and we will continue to develop the software for both 6050 and 9150 sensors, so existing users of the MPU-6050 do not need to be in any way worried that we're dropping support for it! On the contrary, we still feel the MPU-6050 offers the best value for money.