3D Printable enclosure

Big up to EDTracker user, Andy Edgson, who has contributed his design for a 3D-printed enclosure for your DIY EDTracker!

Long standing supporteR and Elite Dangerous player, Andy Edgson, has revised his early enclosure design to accommodate to revision 2.0 PCB that we started using from around September 2014. He has kindly offered this for free to anyone who wishes to download it and print their own - top man!

It comes in two parts to print, and fits snugly together encasing your DIY EDtracker inside. There's some nifty side clips for rubber bands or cable ties, so you can easily attach it to your headset. It looks really cool printed in a semi-transparent PLA material.

If you want to fire up your printer and make yourself one, his files are available to download from the hardware section of downloads...