Windows 10

Concerned about EDTracker and Windows 10? Don't be...

The good news is your EDTracker should work absolutely fine on Windows 10. As always, it is a very simple USB HID device and should be picked up as a virtual joystick without any special effort.

EDTracker DIY

The virtual COM port used by the Pro Micro Arduino clone does require drivers in order to calibrate and flash your DIY device. So far, most users have reported that Windows 10 "just detects it" fine with an unplug and re-plug of the device. Worst case, if this doesn't work for you, download the latest Arduino 1.6.x software and install the bundled drivers (right-click the .inf file and choose "Install"). On re-detecting your device, it should pick up the COM port fine.

If you're having specific problems in Elite Dangerous, you may find help over on Reddit thanks to a post from cbr600f.

EDTracker Pro

No drivers are needed for the Pro, so it will work perfectly fine without the need for any driver updates.