Using the MPU-9250

For anyone looking to use an MPU-9250 breakout board...

Various sources are reporting that the MPU-9150 breakout boards are becoming harder to come by, are more expensive compared to the newer MPU-9250 breakout. We've supported the 9250 for a while now, but the breakout boards tend to be a little larger than the 9150 they replace, and a few people have asked if they can be used with the DIY EDTracker PCB that we sell. As of our latest PCB (Revision 3), available from Spring 2016, MPU9250 boards can fit in place with no modification.

MPU-9150 on the left; MPU-9250 breakout on the right

The MPU-9250 breakout boards we're seeing are typically 10 pin as opposed to the 8 pin layout of the previous 9150's. However, as you can see, the two additional pins (NCS and FSYNC) are added on the end and the other 8 pins are in an identical layout to the previous 9150 breakouts. You can wire them up in the same manner - just ignore the NCS and FSYNC pins. They don't require any connection.

Make sure your breakout board is 5v tolerant; some US vendors sell an MPU-9250 breakout that's 3.3v only.