If you fancy putting your EDTracker into some sort of box, there are lots of ideas out there that work.


Robin Whiting sent in this lovely example to the left - yes, tic tac boxes are pretty much a perfect fit for the EDTracker PCB, with minimal fettling required! A nice, cheap approach for an enclosure - and you get to wolf down lots of minty treats in the process. Laxative effect, anyone?!

NB: This is for the old rev.1 boards; it's not suited to the new boards we supply.

Pocketmoon's 3D Printed enclosure is designed by our resident 3D Print guru, and comes in two flavours depending upon your USB cable type.

If you have access to a 3D printer you can download the .stl file under the Hardware section.

This lovely design by Andy Edgson comes in a 2-piece construction and includes tags on all 4 sides for elastic bands or zip ties, and is a real work of art. Andy is happy to supply these at £5 each, so if you track him down on the ED forums and ask nicely, he might just sort you out with one!

The easy option is to source yourself a Hammond 1551GBK plastic enclosure from somewhere like BitsBox, Maplin (part #N78BQ) or Farnell (part #3536415), or we can supply them with PCBs or devices if you're ordering from us already. With a small amount of drilling and cutting of the enclosure, it makes for a cheap, sturdy box in which your EDTracker can hide.

Check out OmegaHunter's handy PDF guide on how to put your EDTracker into one of these enclosures.