Star Citizen


UPDATE April 2017 : TrackIR support has been fixed and this approach can once again be used.

The simplest approach to using EDTracker with Star Citizen is to make use of Opentrack to emulate the Freetrack 2.0 protocol - just follow these instructions on how to set up.


Bind the EDTracker joystick axes to the X and Y view axes in the game. This is done under Options -> Keybinding. Select Joystick/HOTAS and then Advanced Controls Customization at the bottom. Find "Flight - View" and expand it. Then bind the Look Left/Right and Look Up/Down options, and you are done (move your head in the appropriate direction for each one).

Additionally you can adjust the curves and other options in the Controls Options tab, if you wish.

To turn off look-ahead mode press AltGr-M in-game.

To turn off gimbals press LCtrl-G.

Many thanks to Mikko for the tips!