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The EDTracker simply emulates a 3-axis joystick, so provided your game allows you to map joystick axes to head look, it should work. Remember, EDTRacker currently gives you basic 3DOF head look only. As we hear of games that people have confirmed work with it, we'll add them here. If you have some feedback, please let us know via the contact form. Just because a game doesn't appear on this list, doesn't mean it will not work - so give it a try and let us know.

Additionally, ANY game that supports the TrackIR or FreeTrack protocols can make use of EDTracker via the excellent 3rd party open source utility, Opentrack. We've written a short instructional article to help you set it up.

PLEASE NOTE : The below articles are for guidance only, and are often contributed by community users and customers. We cannot in all cases verify these so we are unable to support you in providing specific game support.