Welcome to the home of DIY EDTracker, an open source project to provide simple, affordable 3-axis head tracking for PC gamers. This website is the home of the DIY product and is to help anyone who wants to make their own DIY EDTracker from readily available components. If you want our pre-built, ready-to-go solution (EDTracker Pro) then please head over to our separate website,


What is head tracking?

Head tracking is used in many first-person games to measure the movement of your head in the real world, and reflect that movement in the virtual (game) world. This can greatly enhance your situational awareness, giving you an edge in competitive gameplay. It makes many a game feel more immersive and fun.

Check out an example video of how it all started!

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What is an EDTracker?

EDTracker is our take on head tracking. It uses a slightly different approach to other methods (optical point tracking), instead employing readily available and cheap MEMS gyroscopic sensors, as commonly found in mobile phones and fitness devices, to measure the movement of your head in 3 degrees and represent that to your PC or Mac as a simple virtual joystick.

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How do I get one?

Make it yourself with our DIY version. All the details are available on this website - start here. Buy it ready-made from us; EDTracker Pro was launched summer 2015 and gets you the joys of head tracking with the minimum of fuss.


Latest News

New test firmware v4.1.0

Updated firmware that may help with 9250 startup issues...

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Enclosure drill template

Get your button hole in the right place!

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DIY News

We're still here and DIY is going strong!

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3D Enclosure for EDTracker v3 PCB

EDTracker user, Jay Davey, has kindly shared his enclosure design for PCB v3 users...

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Revision 3 PCB released

We've made an update to the DIY EDTracker PCB...

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